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Feel What You Feel When You Feel it

Written by Elizabeth Bayliss. Posted in Uncategorized

We, here at Social Action for Health, wish you a constructive New Year; one in which you are able to feel what you feel when you feel it; one in which you are able to explore what you want to explore you, with whom you want to explore it; one in which you can take action when you want to and you can be still when you to be.

Stillness and slow quiet are particularly precious in this speedy world. Sometimes a pause can enable us to see the tensions and blockages in front of us.

We are resolving in SAfH to review the progress of our work on a more regular basis, asking of ourselves those tough questions, like, is our work useful and helpful? If so, how?  Do our intentions for our work convert into a greater sense of independence in the people who participate in that work from local communities?

We aim to reduce dependency. We will be aiming to find ways to assess this increasing independence , in ways that make sense to local people.

We hope you feel able to take the initiative in your life in 2013, to be of use in your community, to value others as you would be valued.

With love,


Elizabeth Bayliss

Chief Executive